Help & Volunteering


Mirfield Arts Festival is grateful for all the support it gets from local organisations, groups, businesses and individuals. Assistance is very welcome at any time, but there are three key times when we need volunteers. Setting up the festival, stewarding the festival, and dismantling the festival.

Help with Festival Weekend Set Up

The majority of the Arts Festival will be set up on the Friday evening, or early Saturday morning – and any assistance is appreciated – from setting up stalls, tables, exhibitions, to helping move equipment around town to the right places.


Help Running the Festival Weekend

Less help is required throughout the main show, however there are also jobs to be done, like stewarding the attractions, managing visitors, clearing litter, moving equipment, directing traffic, and just answering questions from the public.


Help with Show Day Clear-Up

We also appreciate as much fresh-leg help as possible from 4pm on both Saturday and Sunday to help tidy up and pack up when the committee has been on their feet all day – an often forgotten about task, that must be done before night-fall.


More Information

If you or your organisation can help, in the planning, set-up or clear-up, for the day or even just an hour, please get in contact with the Mirfield Arts Festival at or via our Contact Us page.

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